Metase Mail Art Project 2022

記録:Artwork No.20

私の製作のカケラNo.20 が最初にDoborahさんへ送られて、私に戻り、そして誰かに巡回しています。

Kakera No.20 of my work was first sent to Doborah, then back to me, and now it is circulating to someone else.

🕊 Doborahさんのところへ到着。Dlivered to Deborah




It was delivered to Deborah's place. It took more than two weeks this time.I am relieved that it arrived safely.

Thank you Deborah for the photos. I loved the photos with the beautiful plants. But I did not save them. If you don't mind, please send them to me by e-mail.


2022.3.14 Seiko 😊

📮 2/23/2022 投函しました。Posted for Deborah💌

投函日の記録用の落書きです。この日は窓の外は雪が積もってました。This is a doodle for the record of the day of posting. There was snow outside the window on this day.Metase Mail Art Project 2022 の記録写真。
投函日の記録用の落書きです。この日は窓の外は雪が積もってました。長靴を履いて出かけました。This is a doodle for the record of the day of posting. There was snow outside the window on this day. I put on my boots and went out.



It was a snowy day, a holiday for the Emperor's birthday. The mail reception desk is closed and mailed to the mailbox. On this day, I posted to a total of 4 destinations.




I find the shape of the 〒 symbol on the Japanese postal service a bit scary.







メテース メールアート プロジェクトと赤文字で記載された紙袋で私は運んでいます。


I posted several mail art envelopes together on this day.

It is a snow day and the sky is lightly overcast. 

This is a nearby mailbox.

I carry in a brown paper bag. On it is written in red letters the Metase Mail Art Project.  😊

💚準備(前日)preparation(the day before)





Artwork No. 20 will be sent to Deborah.

The artwork of the fish collage is No.17. It takes a long time to go overseas, so I sent the two together.




無事届きますように。🐟 魚と共にうまく循環しますように。


I decorated the envelope with an illustration that I don't usually draw.

The fish is a symbol to protect the mail so that it arrives properly.

I hope it will arrive safely.🐟 May it circulate well with the fish.


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