Metase Mail Art Project 2022

記録:Artwork No.4

私の製作のカケラNo.4 が最初にmimuさんへ送られて、私に戻り、そして誰かに巡回しています。

Kakera No.4 of my work was first sent to mimu, then back to me, and now it is circulating to someone else.

📮 3/1/2022 投函しました。POSTED For sassa

mimuさんのアートワークは、アメリカ合衆国にいらっしゃるSassa Hiattさんのところへ送られました。無事に届き、Sassaさんが素敵な何かを付け足して送り戻してくれますように。

mimu's artwork has been sent to Sassa Hiatt in the United States. I hope it arrives safely and that Sassa will send it back to me with something nice added to it.



Butterbur sprouts heralding spring.
The snow has already melted.




I sent it to Sassa Hiatt's place. Even though it's airmail, the fish will protect the mail😁.

I hope it will arrive safely.



It will take about 7 to 10 days to reach Sassa's place, and I hope that this mysterious creature of mimu's will arrive safely before it hatches out of time and space.


💚準備 preparation by seiko




I stamped the date and attached mimu's card so that it would not be lost.





Seiko has a habit of collaging whatever she has on hand at the time.

The oddly shaped drawings were pasted on the card.

💌 2/28/2022 受け取りました。RECEIVED

mimu さんから受け取りました。


Received from mimu. 💌

It has a strange glittery fuzziness to it.💓





There was a message and a card in the package.

I'll put mimu's card on the artwork.

So everyone can see it. (I made a mistake by stamping in the wrong place, so it's hard to see her e-mail address. Sorry about that.)

📮 1/30/2022 投函しました。POSTED for mimu




I posted an out-of-state mail for MIMU. From a nearby post office.

I am somewhat worried. I wondered if MIMU would be able to add something to such a strange shape to make it.