Metase Mail Art Project 2022

記録:Artwork No.1

私の製作のカケラNo.1 が最初にちろる♪さんへ送られて、私に戻り、そして誰かに巡回しています。

The first piece of my work was sent first to Chiroru, then back to me, and now it is circulating to someone else.

✉️3/2/2022 Tanaka family received

Metase Mail Art Project 2022写真 3/2/2022
Metase Mail Art Project 2022写真 3/2/2022




Sonoko of the Tanaka family sent me these photos. I am glad it arrived safely.

Thank you, Sonoko-san.

(The leaf-stamped paper is from me to Sonoko.)

📮2/25/2022 投函しました。Posted for Tanaka family

アートワークNo.18 と一緒に封筒に入れて、Tanaka家へ向けて投函されました。



It was put in the envelope with Artwork No.18 and posted to the Tanaka family.

On this day, I posted to three different addresses.



On the way back, I spotted a monster.

💌 2/21/2022 受け取りました。Received


Received From Chiroru♪









In return for the flower seeds I sent, I received flower seeds that Chiroru himself didn't know what kind of seeds they were💚Thank you. I'm so happy. I'll sow the seeds when it gets warmer.


Three letters with illustrations. They were addressed to me, so I can't pass them on to the next person, but they are so cute that I wanted to show you the pictures somehow.


The post office said that the old envelopes were confusing, so he had to put up a sign. Thank you, Chiroru♪, for trying so hard to put up the paper and rewrite the address!


Very nice art, art that you enjoyed, I will pass it on to the next person. 💚







(Repairing an envelope for Ms. Chiroru.)


I'll add the drawing to the envelope, and send the next art in this envelope to Chiroru soon.

This page was for Artwork 01.

Chiroru's artwork 01 will be transferred to someone else's envelope and delivered to someone else.

📮 1/30/2022 投函しました。Posted for Chiroru♪




I sent a few plant seeds to Mr. Chiroru along with him. It was calendula, an edible flower.

However, kind Chiroru♪ may not eat the flowers.

I hope the seeds will sprout properly.


In the beginning, it was an envelope that I didn't draw much on, probably because of my nervousness. I'm not playing favorites.