Metase Mail Art Project 2022

記録:Artwork No.6

私の製作のカケラNo.6 が最初にKOČKA(コチカ)さんへ送られて、私に戻り、そして誰かに巡回しています。

Kakera No.20 of my work was first sent to KOČKA, then back to me, and now it is circulating to someone else.

📮3/3/2022 投函しました。Posted for mimu




あ、今日は雛祭り!💕 私は何もしてないけれど。。。


I have mailed the letter to MIMU. To the mailbox at the nearby post office branch.


I'll record the spring greenery on the way there and back together.


Oh, today is the Dolls' Festival! 💕

I didn't do anything...



Click on the photos in the photo gallery below to see my comments.

This is the first time I have written a description...




I will send the artwork (white paper and blue stars) of KOČKA, and the two fish from my window to mimu. In case you are interested, the backside of the artwork is also recorded.

💚 Seiko アートワークで遊んだ。SEIKO played with the artwork.





The landscape that Kochka created for me somehow felt like a lot of different energies were moving through it. As I was playing with it, I was able to tell a story.

The following is from a FB friends-only post.


Kocka sent me some mail art!

I shine it with my flashlight 🔦 and you see, it's a UFO 🛸.

It brought me a blue star. It brought down a lot of hearts💕 to the ground.

Seiko's fishes liked the blue star very much.

They named the star "Starfish" and made it their friend.

This is the blueprint of a very quiet and peaceful blue star.

The blueprint will work with the fish to protect and evolve the star.

Thanks Kocka! This is fun!

Fish will be included for the next person 🐟🐟⭐️.




We are now friends with a blue starfish★.




They seem to have become good friends, and I feel sorry for them that we have to pull them apart. I'll send the next person a set of all of these.

💌 3/2/2022 受け取りました。Seiko Received




Recently, art to prevent birds from crashing on the windows. I recently made and put up two fish. KOČKA's mail art has just arrived in my room!

📮 1/30/2022 コチカへ向けて投函しました。Posted for kočka(コチカ)






I think I picked a cosmic one to send to Kochka (I was behind in my record keeping and forgot why I picked this one for Kochka myself).


It's a weird shape I like.


I think it would be fun to see the weird world descend into art while it circulates.





Since I prepared so many at once on this day, drawing on the envelopes was a simple task.The envelope is a passageway. I am looking forward to seeing the history being made in the passage.





I sent the seeds along. Basil? Probably.

I only include seeds if they are domestic. Too bad I can't put them in overseas.


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