Metase Mail Art Project 2022

記録:Artwork No.3

私の製作のカケラNo.3 が最初に FutaBaさんへ送られて、私に戻り、そして誰かに巡回しています。

Kakera No.3 of my work was first sent to FutaBa, then back to me, and now it is circulating to someone else.

💌 ちろる♪さんのところに届きました。2/25/2022 Chiroru♪RECEIVED

٩(*°ꇴ °)۶メールアート2発目来ました🎶




٩(*°ꇴ °)۶The second mail art has arrived 🎶

I will work on it immediately, but please give me some time 🎶 


〜 ツイッター上で。Chiroru♪ on twitter



📮 2/23/2022 投函しました。POSTED



It was a snowy day, a holiday for the Emperor's birthday. The mail reception desk is closed and mailed to the mailbox. On this day, I posted to a total of 4 destinations.

💚 準備


そして、ちろる♪さんへのメッセージ、Tohei Manoさんからいただいたの偽物の切手を同封しました。


The envelope of Mr. Chiroru ♪, who will be sent next, was a little broken, so I repaired and decorated it. I also made a little stamp and collage on the back of FutaBa's card.

I have enclosed message to Chiroru ♪ and a fake stamp sheet from Mr.Tohei Mano.

💌 2/22/2022 受け取りました。RECEIVED

FutaBa Tanaka (Tanaka 家)さんから受け取りました。
Received from FutaBa Tanaka (Tanaka Family). 💌




FutaBa's artwork seemed to move.

Seiko played with her artwork for a while in the light shining through the window.




It seems that the space on the paper is open so that the next person can easily draw.




A letter and seeds of shell ginger were included from Futaba's mother.

I have a lot of thoughts about it, but here I will only record it.


📮 1/30/2022 投函しました。POSTED

アートワークNo.3は、Tanaka家の FutaBa様の元へ送られました。



Artwork No.3 was sent to FutaBa of the Tanaka family.

The one in the picture (No.2) will be created by her mother.